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Custom mining, underground, emergency, EMT, electric, and rail products

About UPC

Personnel Carriers for underground, mining, EMT, and rail.

There has always been a need for small utility/personnel carriers for the underground mining environment. United Personnel Carriers was founded on the basis of building a lower operating cost per hour vehicle than any other similar utility/personnel carrier on the market today.

Let’s face it, how do you modify a recreational vehicle for the harsh underground environment and still keep it within a price base that is both affordable and simple to operate and maintain? Simple! Find the best available recreational carrier on market and make it underground friendly!

This was not a simple task. But with our past mining experience we knew we had to produce a carrier that would surpass the expectation of the mining industry for this type of unit!

We are proud that we have achieved what we set out to do. Since March 2009 we have sold 80 units to  mining camps throughout the north and are still filling orders. We are always looking at ways to improve our product to keep the operating cost per hour as low as possible.

UPC is ready to accommodate any of our clients in making sure that they have the right equipment for the job whether it be sale or rental with any possible design within the limit of the carrier.
We thank-you for visiting our site and look forward to serving you!

Jay Michaud – President

Our Personnel Carriers Meet Your Needs.

Underground, mining, emergency, training, medical, construction, railway, electric, and more! We specialize in our Rainrunner, EV (electrical), and EMT models